tunable composite

Engineering a Modifiable Clay: "Tunable" Polymer-Clay Composites

Sponsor: NSF
GRA: Sungho Kim
Image: varying interparticle spacing with external triggers

Determination of Structural Benefits of PennDOT-Approved Geogrids in Pavement Design

Includes Accelerated Testing with Model Mobile Load Simulator 1/3 scale
Sponsor: Pennslyvania Department of Transportation
GRA: Xioachao Tang
Image: cross-section of pavement section post accelerated testing

Mechanical, Physical, and Chemical Properties of Diatomaceous-Kaolin Clay Mixtures

Collaborator: Dante Fratta, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
GRA: Sungho Kim
URA: Matthew Reese
Image: diatoms
FBC Ashe

Test Framework Development for Use of Coal Combustion Products in Embankment Construction and Mine Land Reclamation

Collaborator: Dr. Barry Scheetz, Director, Center for Dirt & Gravel Roads Studies
Sponsor: Pennslyvania Coal Ash Research Group
GRA: Nick Plaks
Image: FBC ash
abrased sand

Study of Soil Abrasivity and Development of a Reliable Soil Abrasivity Index (co-PI)

Collaborator: Dr. Jamal Rostami (PI), Dept. of Energy & Mineral Eng., PSU
Sponsor: NSF
URA: Greg Braun
Image: sand particles post testing